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{{answer_23698125}}, you are a CLASSIC BRIDE. You want to be able to look at the pictures decades later and for everyone to say "Wow! She was, and always has been the epitome of chic."

You should accessorize your wedding day look with a simple hairpin or veil to "stay classy!"
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{{answer_23698125}}, you are a BOHO BRIDE. Using your flower powers, you thrive on the earth and all things flora and fauna. 

You could use a fresh floral crown or you could use some floral inspired hairpins and headbands to get a more permanent Boho look!
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{{answer_23698125}}, you are a GLAM BRIDE! The more sparkle and the more drama the better! Kimye's got nothing on you.

Dial up the drama with some long earrings or detailed veil!
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{{answer_23698125}}, you're a MODERN BRIDE. Keeping ahead of the trends, you're never 2000 and late. 

Keep your look simple and geometric. A dramatic veil or accessory can keep your look modern and clean.
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You're an Eclectic Bride! You've got lots of vision! You can wear ANY of our pieces and feel fabulous!
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